Thoughts on being a SAHM

Everyone keeps asking how I’m liking being a stay-at-home-mom (ethan especially) and I don’t know how to answer… and then I feel guilty for not immediately being all “omg its the best thing eva!” I LOVE spending more time with my boys. I absolutely love and adore them and love all the wonderful moments together… seeing Cooper pull and try to stand, jack making silly jokes, jack loving on cooper, cooper trying to talk, and on and on. I love that I don’t constantly feel like I’m missing everything. That’s why we’re doing this, so I can be here all the time. But that also means, I’m here ALL THE TIME.

In the span of a month, I went from being the breadwinner and working outside the home 40+ hours a week, to a stay-at-home-mom in a new town in a crummy rental home. It’s been a little bit of a difficult transition, not to mention the fact that the baby is teething and the toddler… well he’s 3. Our rent house needs some serious work like new floors so I don’t want to bother unpacking our bedrooms because well, i’d need to pack them back up in a week or two or three whenever our landlord gets it done. So we live in boxes and suitcases still; well not the boys, their room is 90% setup. So we spend most of our time in their tiny box of a room, or at the park because then I don’t have to stare at all the boxes and the toddler can run around and burn some energy so we don’t drive each other crazy.

It’s an adjustment right now. 🙂  I am working a little but I’m able to work from home right now (after the boys go to bed and Ethan is home) but I do plan to change that some soon and spend time at a coffee house so that I can get out of the house.  But for right now, I’m going a tiny bit crazy. I’m looking forward to our house not being a mess so we can do art projects and activities at home other than being trapped in a tiny box of a room.

We’ll get there. And the house will be perfectly clean all the time and dinner will be on the table promptly at 6pm when hubby gets home and the kids will be clean and unharmed. And all will be perfect 😉

p.s. – I’ve been up for 15 hours with 2 kids and just finished 2 hours of work. I haven’t proofed this post and it probably makes no sense. Excuse me while I go to bed now…