baby dos

i’m horribly behind on blogging and just everything. we’re expecting #2 thanksgiving week! hopefully baby makes arrival in time for us to be back home for a turkey day at home! 🙂 between the exhaustion and nausea of pregnancy, i’ve gotten behind on both project life and well… everything! but i’m trying to get catch up because if it doesn’t happen before baby makes an appearance, then it’ll never happen.

so i thought i’d kick off with a pregnancy focused post with some thoughts on this pregnancy thus far:

  • far, far less nausea than my pregnancy with Jackson but still enough of it that I’ve only gained a pound at 16 weeks
  • i have a hard time keeping track of how far along i am this go around. i usually have to take a look at the phone on my app, which i actually discovered today while waiting on my doctor’s office today… is actually WRONG! it has the right due date programmed in, but the calculation is off by a day! i would have figured that out months ago had this baby been Jackson 🙂
  • i’m far more anxious about something going wrong this pregnancy.
  • i felt baby move today with certainty. i’ve felt a few flutters over the last week or so, but laying down in the doctor’s office today waiting for an hour… i definitely felt the baby move and i’ve been feeling it on and off all evening which has me thinking that this time i won’t have an anterior placenta and will get to feel more of baby’s movements! *fingers crossed*

off to try to knock out one week of project life!