Project Life — Week 4 {2013}

Month 1 of my 2013 project life edition is almost done!

The highlights of our week included starting to regularly say sentences. He’s been saying sentences on occasion but a switch went off this week and just about everything is turning into sentences instead of just words. I can’t believe how quickly my baby is growing up!! We also had a weekend visit from Nana which Jackson of course loved!

I had a lot of iPhone pictures this week (as usual) to use but also a few from the real camera. I need to be better about picking it up instead of just depending upon my phone. This is the first time I’ve used a template other than Design A! I’m happy with how this spread came out!

The whole spread:


The left side:


The right side:


I’m also linking up this week to The Mom Creative’s Project Life Tuesday. It’s a great place for Project Life enthusiasts to link up and share their spreads. Go check it out for some Project Life inspiration!

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2013 Project Life

I started project life last year, but I didn’t finish. I fell in love with the concept of project life the first time i saw a pin on pinterest a year ago — its scrapbooking made easy. I’ve tried scrapbooking on several occasions in my life and never stuck with it. I like the idea of documenting life but I’ve struggled with how to do that… until Project Life. Despite the fact that I haven’t finished my 2012 album, I still love Project Life and how its changing how I document and record our life. I wish I’d started when Jackson was born and spent more time documenting the details and the everyday.

Before I go any further, if you’re not sure what project life is, then take a look at this video from Becky Higgins about Project Life because she can explain it far better than I can.

I didn’t even get half way through my 2012 album. But I haven’t given up. I’m going to finish it, even if part of the year isn’t as full or complete as some other parts. In the end, I will have documented something which is more than I can say about past years. And that is a success.

With a year (or really a half a year?) behind me, I wanted to share some things I’ve learned in the last year:

  • Do what works for you. When my core kit first arrived, I was so overwhelmed by all the inspiration on pinterest; there are some truly gorgeous project life albums. But those albums? They were created by serious scrapbookers; not something I’ve had success with and NOT the reason I wanted to do project life in the first place. I had to recalibrate my expectations for my own project life half way through the year. It’s not going to be perfect. It’s not going to be exactly what I envision in my head. But that’s okay, because the point is to document in our life, and I’m doing that. 
  • It may take awhile to find a groove. Honestly, I think it took me a whole year, which included basically giving up and not taking much of any photos or making notes of anything for 3ish months over the summer. I’ll blame it on the Texas heat 🙂 But I think I finally have and it took a shift in moving to digital project life. Figuring out what process works best for you may take awhile, but don’t give up — the end product is worth it. I know our family will cherish these albums for years and years.
  • Document. Even if you’re behind by months, even if its 100% with a cell phone camera. In a few year’s you’ll cherish what you’ve documented. And at some point, you can find time to get all those notes into your Project Life album. I personally use the Memento app on my iPhone to make notes about what’s going on. I love that it also pulls in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds which makes documenting the daily life much much easier. It’s been a lifesaver.
  • Consistent design. Each spread doesn’t need to be identical but having consistent elements saves a lot of time. I select a couple of fonts and stick to those. I don’t even look at other fonts. It gets distracting. I’ve chosen an element for my title card that ties them all together and also means I don’t have to put a lot of thought into what my title card should look like. Its a great foundation that keeps me from getting to distracted.

I’ll do another post soon on the details of my process and what I’ve found really works for me but I think that’s enough for one day!

I’m really loving Project Life. Thanks Becky for developing such a wonderful system for documenting life. I hope I continue to feel inspired for years to come!

Project Life — Week 3 {2013}

I’m seriously *loving* doing the digital format of project life. I’m staying on top of my weekly spreads and enjoying being able to document life from the comfort of my couch in the evenings while catching up on tv (i’ll have to remember to document that sometime)!

I know I’m only three weeks in, but I seriously LOVE this spread. my favorite one yet 🙂

The whole spread:


The left side:


The right side:


Highlight of this week was the weekend away with Hopie. Great friends are truly blessing! I only wish they lived closer!

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Project Life — Week 2 {2013}

Another spread down! I’m loving doing digital spread for project life. It’s much easier for me to stay on top of designing the pages this way. I hope that my pace keeps up throughout the year. I can’t wait to see them actually printed!

The whole spread:


The left side:


The right side:


It was an ordinary week in our house!

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Project Life — Week 1 {2013}

I’m excited to start fresh with my 2013 Project Life album even though I’m *really* behind on my 2012. I wanted to start the new off right so I decided to dive in and make sure to stay caught up with 2013 and work on catching up on 2012 at the same time. Last year, I did a hybrid version of Project Life using a physical kit. This year, I decided to switch to digital scrapbooking which I’m loving already. I’m using the seafoam kit as the foundation of my 2013 Project Life book, but I’ll be using cards from other kits as well as freebies and other stuff I find on the web. I loved how clean the seafoam design is as well as the colors!

The whole spread:


Left side:


The right side:


Highlights of our week included getting to meet Jackson’s cousin, Elise (technically she’s a second cousin)! Loved getting a chance to get some baby snuggles! Another highlight of the week: celebrating 7 years of marriage complete with a cake made by Ethan & Jack. I’m truly blessed.

Looking forward to 2013 and everything it will bring!

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